About Us

Our mission started in 2012 when we released the first ketone product,
KetoForce, to the US marketplace. Since then KetoSports, and the keto market,
have grown tremendously. But we still haven’t lost sight of why and how we
started. Grown out of the need to help people who could therapeutically benefit
from ketones, we soon realized how many benefits these products provide to
even the Average Joe or Jane who has chosen to diet, be active or be more
conscious about their overall well being. For those reasons KetoSports quickly
grew from a single breakthrough product to a full line that supports
diet, active lifestyle and therapeutic use. With a focus on markets outside of the
keto diet alone, KetoSports has seen applications of these products abound,
making KetoSports synonymous with effective energy and health
supplementation, not just diet support.


We are so glad that you found us. You are in the right place if:

1. You want to get the benefits of being in a state of ketosis without the wait.

2. You're a (professional or leisure) athlete who wants to prolong energy reserves for a long race or event; cycle carbohydrates on training/race/event days OR utilize ketones exclusively instead of carbs

3. You're someone who can benefit from carb-free, stimulant-free mental energy and acuity on demand

4. You have occasional use for an immediate ketone boost, such as headaches or other therapeutic uses. 

We look forward to serving you soon!