Performance Pack

Performance Pack

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The Performance Pack is designed for endurance and/or therapeutic applications. This pack is designed for you if:

  • You're a (professional or leisure) athlete who wants to prolong energy reserves for a long race or event; cycle carbohydrates on training/race/event days OR utilize ketones exclusively, instead of carbohydrates
  • You have occasional use for an immediate ketone boost, such as headaches or other therapeutic uses.

Anaerobic activities are where our ketones shine, even for those not "keto-diet interested" or adapted. This is for two reasons:

  • For those who consume carbohydrates, and want to dual-fuel (utilizing carbs & ketones) during race and/or training days, ketones act as an immediate fuel source, delaying the use of glycogen stores until ketones are low and/or depleted. This means that you stay powered longer on your own energy reserves.
  • Ketones require less oxygen than their carbohydrate counterparts, so you can expect to be less winded burning ketones as fuel vs. carbohydrates. 

Each pack includes:

(1) Keto8 25 servings 12 fl oz. KetoSports Keto8 MCT oil provides a concentrated dose of C8 for a quick fuel source that boosts ketones and is easy on the gut. Clear and tasteless.

(1) KetoCana 16 Servings 305g. Boost ketone levels with KetoCaNa, containing 11.7 grams per serving of the ketone body Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in a delicious, naturally sweetened orange or strawberry lemonade flavor that packs a serious, stimulant-free energy boost.

(1) KetoBlitz 16 servings 16 fl oz. Higher ketone concentration in a powerful liquid concentrate. KetoBlitz contains a patent-pending free acid and BHB salt blend, resulting in up to 50% less overall minerals per gram of BHB, more BHB per serving and a much better flavor than typical BHB products. Mix into 12-16 ounces of water to consume. Great intra-event.

(1) KetoSports Water Bottle

    The Power of Ketosis

    This stuff is a godsend.  Coupled with my usual meds I am nearly symptom free from my Parkinson's. Bless your heart for thinking of me when you suggested it. It is a bit pricey but well worth it. I am going to present it to my ND when I see her later this month.


    I really cannot say enough about this supplement.  It truly works as advertised, but until you experience it, there really are no words to describe the amazing feeling of never getting tired.  I recommend everyone give this stuff a try if you haven't already.  Much like all of the other amazing products -  You will not be disappointed!


    Thank You and Love your products...the KetoForce works wonders for my wife who has Hypothyroidism and is now on a Low Carb diet and helps with that Push to get over the hump on her 12 hr shifts.

    Christopher L

    We LOVE being in the ketogenic state and want all competitors to feel the benefits of  it....this product has helped us tons!  BOTH of us [have] had a hard time getting into a ketogenic state.  NOW we know what this product can do!  We LOVE it!!

    Chad C

    Although I have no real way to prove it, I seemed to burn through more calories on days I used it. Overall I definitely recommend and has been the best diet aid supplement I have ever used for the simple reason that I have stuck to a ketogenic diet with no slip ups. Maybe it's not a hard thing for some people but I usually succumb to the irritability and low energy within the first couple weeks. It's been fairly easy to do too. BW is down to 230 from 245.”


    The struggle is over!! It's hard to put into words after "4" attempts to be Keto Adapted . Patrick Arnold !! You got one hell of Product in KetoForce. I must say I was in the ballpark but with following your protocol, I finally crossed over to the promised land. Full Ketosis!!! With my mg/dl sitting at 71 fasting, I am in total amazement !!!